Apple slowing down older iPhones – is it as bad as it sounds

A few days ago, Reddit exploded with discussions on Apple deliberately slowing down older iPhones with older batteries. With Apple confirming these findings that they are throttling the processor speeds in order to cope up with the battery deterioration, we should discuss if the discussion about is too hyped up or not.

With iOS 10.2.1 [for iPhone 6s, SE and 6] and iOS 11.2.0 [for iPhone 7]. Apple’s fix to random shutdowns seems to be throttling the CPU in order to keep up with the older batteries.

Now, however, there’s definitive proof that the age of the phone determines the speed, to a degree. Specifically, the age of the battery. The problem is that as batteries age, their ability to smoothly deliver power fades alongside the capacity. Another factor is that as Apple’s SoC’s became more powerful, they also became a lot more power-hungry (It takes a lot of power to run a large core like the one in more recent A series chips like A10 at a high clock rate). Start combining the two, and you’ll end up with sudden shutdowns when the SoC isn’t getting the power it expects because the battery can’t deliver.

To fight the sudden shutdown, which is really a defence mechanism for the SoC to not get damaged, Apple opted to do the most reasonable thing to do under the circumstances and just let the SoC slow down instead. A similar process goes on when the phone becomes too warm, and the phone will slow itself down to protect itself when it could just shut down, but that wouldn’t be a good UX either.

Now, some think that people want to see a notification when this starts kicking in, but the reality is that a lot of consumers will dismiss whatever notification you give them and get annoyed that you’re even notifying them of anything while browsing Facebook. The convenience of having it work instead of shutdown anytime there’s the remote possibility of a problem is a big draw.

Well, there is an upside to all of this now.Apple just published a letter where it apologised for the “misunderstanding” and to clear it all up, it is providing a battery replacement for your iPhones 6 and up for a measly sum of $25 (₹1600) until December 2018.

Well, already this gives a lot to think about; extending your phone’s life for at least a year for just $25 is a pretty sweet bargain.And those complaining about their iPhone 5s or below, those phones are already way past their prime and its time to upgrade those.

Please Note:

This isn’t a problem with just iPhones. Obviously, the battery tech is the same on all other phones too. And I’ve observed the cases of accidental shutdowns in all my older android devices ranging from 4-year-old Sony Xperia Z1 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to just a year old One Plus 3; and as I think about it now, had they just throttled down the CPU like Apple does, it would have been a lot better than shutting down randomly on me at the times of need.

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