Thugs of Hindostan- An honest review

Thugs of Hindostan starts off with the pre-story of the kingdom when British arrived and started to control it. It starts off slow, and I mean really slow. The story had many ignored glitches right from the start. The character introduction in this movie stretches for a long time. This could have been reduced. The […]


You might have heard about Insomnia many times in your daily commute. But do you really know what exactly is Insomnia? If you generalize insomnia, it would be defined as the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep or be uncomfortable and wake up multiple times while sleeping. You might have heard about Insomnia from […]

End of Leh-Ladakh Tourism?

Leh-Ladakh, a dream trip we all want to go on once in your lifetime. But reading this title must have scared you. And should you be worried? Is it really the end of Leh-Ladakh tourism? This article tells you everything about it and also explains the reason behind the big question. Travel enthusiast or any […]

Does camera cost matter for photo quality? (Camera Purchasing Guide)

Every amateur photographer starts with a small point to shoot or mobile camera and climbs his/her way up to some expensive cameras. But does this mean expensive cameras give you better results? Let’s find out in this short article. Being a photographer, I would say the camera does make a difference but not as much […]

Leh Ladakh – A Dream Road Trip (Part 3)

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Leh Ladakh - A Dream Road Trip

This is the third part of Leh Ladakh – A Dream Road Trip series. Read the first part here   Day 5 A big salute to the Indian Army for helping us and many others that are in need. If you ever go through this road, make sure you stop here and thank them as […]

Leh Ladakh – A Dream Road Trip (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Leh Ladakh - A Dream Road Trip

This is the second part of Leh Ladakh – A Dream Road Trip series. Read the first part here Day 2 We had to start early each day as we had to cover the maximum distance. We got ready at about 7 but we needed the energy to start the day. After having a heavy […]

Leh Ladakh – A Dream Road Trip (Part 1)

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Leh Ladakh - A Dream Road Trip

Every Indian traveler has one trip on his bucket list. The Leh Ladakh road trip or for most of the people it is the Dream Road Trip. Young travelers strive to have this road trip with their friends. A fully loaded adventure trip that can be completed in many ways. Before we dive into the […]

Kashmir – The Switzerland of India

         The first Indian place you think of when you hear snowy mountains is Kashmir. Kashmir has been attracting travelers and tourists for more than 21 years now. Kashmir is a family trip destination with Himalayan ranges that are pretty much covered with snow.           Let us first know the region. Kashmir […]

Bigger the Camera, Better the Photos – A Myth or Reality? (Phone Edition)

    What do you think, bigger the camera, better the photos? Do you think your phone with 13 megapixel camera can take better pictures than a 21 megapixel camera? Well, photography is an art and a great photo can be taken on a small 3megapixel camera too. But will the quality differ between a […]

How to Plan a Trip

Planning a Trip? Here is what you need     Planning a trip is a big issue with us and a person would be lying if they say he hate traveling. Traveling is the best get away that anyone can have from their day to day life. But people make their biggest mistakes just while planning […]