Black Mirror: Bandersnatch – A Film Event Review

“We exist in multiple parallel realities at once. Whatever you do in this reality, there is another reality where you are doing quite the opposite. If you follow that line of thinking to its logical conclusion, you absolve yourself of all guilt for your actions. But they aren’t even your actions. It’s out of your […]

Aquaman (non-spoiler) review

  After waiting for more than a year, DC has finally released a superhero movie, after the controversies surrounding Justice League. There are many clichés of an origin story in Aquaman as well, some good some bad. The movie starts off slowly and takes its time to pick up the pace. There are a lot […]

Thugs of Hindostan- An honest review

Thugs of Hindostan starts off with the pre-story of the kingdom when British arrived and started to control it. It starts off slow, and I mean really slow. The story had many ignored glitches right from the start. The character introduction in this movie stretches for a long time. This could have been reduced. The […]

Raazi – A movie review

The time is 1971, tensions are running high between India and Pakistan. East Pakistan is on the brink of a war for Independence through Mukti Vahini; and here comes Sehmat (Alia Bhatt), daughter of an Indian spy, married off to Iqbal (Vicky Kaushal), a high ranking Pakistani military official, in order to continue spying for […]

Justice League (Non-Spoiler) Review

The life of Jesus can be summed into 3 words. Birth. Death. Resurrection. Zack Snyder has always said that he planned a 3 movie arc for Superman. Man of Steel was a story about Clarke Kent accepting his powers and becoming a hero(The Birth). Batman V Superman a story of how the presence of a […]

Thor : Ragnarok – A review and a rant

From a comic book point of view, Ragnarok has two storylines; both of which can be seen sprinkled through the entire length of the film. Since the initial days of MCU, Marvel has always been on the lighter side of storytelling. But ever since the runaway success of Guardians of the Galaxy it seems like […]


During the gap of 35 years between the original Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049, there have been several sci-fi movies and anime which have been inspired by this Ridley Scott masterpiece. Namely Ghost in a Shell, Akira, The Matrix, Dredd to name a few. Denis Villeneuve has yet again proven himself as one of […]

American Made – A Movie review

  Imagine a man with so much money that he runs out of places to hide it. What if he opened 5 banks on the same street and still ran out of places? Or what if he dug the ground outside his yard and found a bag already buried deep inside. Or what would a […]

Death Note – A Movie Review

The Outline Death Note is a story of an average nerdy guy who finds a book which can be used to kill people by writing their name. Ever since the movie was announced, it was obvious that it will be compared to the manga and the anime. The Cast Nat Wolff stars as Light Turner(Yagami), […]