The Nerdcasm Smartphone Awards – 2018

The Best Radical Smartphone Feature Nominations – Google Night Sight In Screen fingerprint scanning Samsung DEX Google Duplex (Honorary mention) The way Google had us all smitten by the way it turned their Pixel to a night vision miracle, it was obvious that for 2018, no other phone has been as radically enticing as the […]

Can Xiaomi Be Dethroned?

With the arrival of the smartphone era, Samsung took the lead in terms of the Market share amongst the Indian consumers. It simply ran on the trust the brand had made for itself in the pre-smartphone stage. The Chinese players slowly started venturing into this market with Oppo and Vivo using aggressive advertising while Xiaomi […]

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Over the past few months, we all have been hearing about Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, but like me, there are so many people globally, who couldn’t fully grasp the complete scenario. Why not we give a look at what all took place, why is that necessary to know and how would the branding and advertising […]

Predictions for the upcoming WWDC 2018

The Refreshed MacBook Air The entry-level MacBook from Apple hasn’t seen an upgrade since the last three years. It’s expected that Apple will refresh it this year in order to boost its sales and take back the market share of laptops like the Surface laptop from Microsoft or the high-end Chromebooks like the PixelBook from […]

Smartphone Buying Guide [Early 2018]

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Smartphone Buying Guide

     So, last year, I wrote a mini guide to purchasing smartphones which was majorly based on performance indexes compared to their price points. That article garnered quite a lot of interest amongst the Nerdcasm community that I’ve decided to turn it into a series, but this time getting a bit deeper and not […]

The Apple Ecosystem – And why once you enter, you can never get out!

You must have heard this argument chucked around like a million times, that it is the ecosystem that keeps an Apple user locked in and the person won’t be able to get out of that easily. Having experienced this myself, Let us dive into this in detail. Introduction Let me get this out of the […]

Apple slowing down older iPhones – is it as bad as it sounds

A few days ago, Reddit exploded with discussions on Apple deliberately slowing down older iPhones with older batteries. With Apple confirming these findings that they are throttling the processor speeds in order to cope up with the battery deterioration, we should discuss if the discussion about is too hyped up or not. With iOS 10.2.1 […]

Smartphone Awards 2017

The Best Bang for the buck flagship Xiaomi MI 6[Runner Up: One Plus5t] {Honorable Mention: Apple iPhone 8} I have a little different procedure defining a smartphone at the best bang for the buck one. Should cross off all the requirements like the flagship performance, an on-par camera and a premium build along with a […]