Our Story

Our Team has one of the most interesting team story. We met on a virtual platform and shared a lot of interests. Strangers turning into friends, we learned about each-other and soon came up with a plan to use everyone’s interest in a more productive way and Nerdcasm was formed.


Our team members have some special qualities…..

Akash Jadhav

(Travel & Photography)

Akash is an avid Photographer and Traveler. He is on a mission to travel the world. He is also a comic and is pretty funny. But his life takes his jokes a bit too seriously sometimes. Being a kattar Punekar, mocking people and sarcasm never leaves him(but is the reason people stay away from him).



@loltasticguy  ||  /akashjadhav25274  ||  @ig_akash



Aryan Modi

(Legal Aids)


Born and raised in Udaipur, currently studying Law, Aryan has always been surrounded by history and culture (No, he is not related to Politics though he really wants this country to change). He is an avid patron of the arts and the prime supporter of our site (again…no, he has no support of any business tycoon).


/Aryan.Modi.97  ||  @aryanmodi197





Gurmeet Singh Ahuja

(Technology & Books)

A technology geek in the making, Gurmeet is also heavily focused in the marketing field and has a vision to make a big impact in the discipline. He is currently doing Engineering in the field of Computer Science but is also working as a Marketing Analyst at Brands of Desire. He kills his spare time through reading and photography. Apart from that, he’s also currently the Co-Founder and CEO of an Advertising based Startup – Sponsdo Technologies.


@gurmeet_tweets || .@detouring_from_normal



Sandesh Prabhu

(Future in Sustainable Energy)

Quite truthfully, no one knows how this guy got here. No, not even Sandesh himself! He wasn’t a great Techie, unlike the rest of us. But he made his way through the group. About him, he loves to dream a lot, think a lot and he absolutely loves to play Chess (a lot). Eco-Warrier that he is, he invests a lot of his time Reading and Managing ventures.


  @sandeshprabhu97  ||  /sandesh.prabhu.90






Syed Ahmed Abbas Abidi

(Koi Generic sa Topic)


⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠His name is proof enough that he’s gonna blow up sooner or later. He is a pakka Hyderabadi. Who has always had a unique perspective to the simplest of things. Currently in his engineering final year and an aspiring aerospace engineer. He’s a huge fan of the digital medium and binge watches anything worthy he can find(but he loves twilight the most). He’s a procrastinator, a grammar nazi and an entrepr……..(will type that later)


/abbas958  ||  @_the_man_who_knew_too_much







Husain Dohadwala


A product of the Indian Engineering system, Husain is an unapologetic TV show lover, an avid reader (or trying to be one atleast) and a movie junkie. He thinks his life is as disappointing as Eddard Stark dying in season one, yet he’s sure there’s quite a few seasons left for him to enjoy.


/dohadwalahusain  ||  @husaindohadwala






Anis Parbatani

(Accountancy, finance & taxation)


  He is from a small town in Telangana. To meet his interest and abilities, and to give versatility to his career, he has come to Hyderabad for pursuing Chartered Accountancy course. Currently a CA final student. Apart from that, he likes to sing(which no one likes to hear) and has a desire to learn music(but is a Pritam fan).


@AnisParbatani24  ||  /anisparbatani  ||  @genial_anis




Pranit Katwe


A Maharashtrian boy who loves food and tech. Along with these two gaming is his true love(his favorite is Counter Strike). But his true love is Gaming which he spend hours and hours. Sarcasm flows in his blood and that’s what he uses in serious situations (hoping he doesn’t screw up majorly though). He’s someone who never gets serious and doesn’t care about what people say.


@Pranit_Katwe  ||  /PranitKatwe  ||  @pranit_katwe





Harsh Srivastava

(Everything & anything he comes across)


The man behind the idea of “nerdcasm” , Harsh Srivastava a.k.a Hutch! Indian CA Aspirant & US CPA Aspirant, working independently as a professional. He has the passion of teaching accounting. Obviously, you can call him “nerd”, along with this he knows few chords of the guitar which he strums now or then. He does not confine to one area of expertise you can contact him for R&D purposes and seeding new ideas. Residing in Lucknow City, his love for food is never ending with sophisticated in-born manners. He is a man of his words, believes in living life with principles of “Perseverance” and doing things rather talking about it. You will find him writing on several topics, he likes to explore new areas and trying everything. You won’t find him on social media much, he likes to live in solitude while comprehending ideas.








Mudit Budhiraja

(Statistics, Actuarial Science and Music)



Born in Gurgaon and brought up in gurugram (since 2016), Mudit is a very practical person who loves to spread positive vibes wherever he rolls. Not much of a techie (a work in progress) ,he loves to use his mathematical and analytical skills in the field of statistics ,aspiring to be an actuarial analyst. He loves to play and watch football when he’s not binge watching tv shows( Bahu hamari Rajnikanth) and has a keen interest in music. He’s not your everyday Joe, he knows how to work with what he’s got.


@muditb6 ||  /mudit.budhiraja.9  ||  @_muditt_