Basic Things about Indian Stock Market and Trading

If you ever have been intrigued by stock markets and shares but are often confused by the big words… This article will give you all the details you need to know before you are ready to trade your own stocks.   It is mainly about the brief introduction to Indian stock market, how to start […]

Bigger the Camera, Better the Photos – A Myth or Reality? (Phone Edition)

    What do you think, bigger the camera, better the photos? Do you think your phone with 13 megapixel camera can take better pictures than a 21 megapixel camera? Well, photography is an art and a great photo can be taken on a small 3megapixel camera too. But will the quality differ between a […]

The Myths about the Apple MacBook 12″

  Two years ago, April 10th 2015, Apple unveiled a new platform for the Ultra-thin, ultra-light, fan-less 12” MacBook and it received disapproval from every tech savvy person who lives more on stereotypes than on actual experience. Year after year, it got refined with the newer chips, with Skylake processors in 2016 and finally releasing […]

Testing your internet speed

  Do you feel you’re waiting forever for web pages to load? Do you spend more time waiting for a video to finish buffering than actually watching it? If so, you need to test your internet speed to ensure your internet service provider (ISP) is providing you with the speed it is charging you for! […]

How to Plan a Trip

Planning a Trip? Here is what you need     Planning a trip is a big issue with us and a person would be lying if they say he hate traveling. Traveling is the best get away that anyone can have from their day to day life. But people make their biggest mistakes just while planning […]