Thugs of Hindostan- An honest review

Thugs of Hindostan starts off with the pre-story of the kingdom when British arrived and started to control it. It starts off slow, and I mean really slow.

The story had many ignored glitches right from the start. The character introduction in this movie stretches for a long time. This could have been reduced. The story of this movie felt familiar as it’s about a freedom fight. It also was close to the biggest Indian hit ‘Bahubali’. It had the similar idea of the story and ends in a similar way too. The slow start sets the pace of the movie and continues throughout. There are a bit of twists and turns but after a certain point, the twists get annoying. Songs here also say a lot about the movie. And here the songs make no sense at all. The songs here are the item numbers which Katrina’s character dances on. The last song from the movie makes no sense where the villain who is a British officer watches his enemies dance on songs and doesn’t even bother. The overall story was a cold. Nothing spectacular in the story part.

This movie is produced by Yash Raj Films and the whole movie has a YRF vibe. The sets are mesmerizing and look huge and wonderful. The movie doesn’t demand any big sets but it’s a good touch.

The star cast is the biggest selling point of this movie. The movie posters at many places describe the star cast with the main role given to Katrina Kaif which is the exact opposite. Katrina had a 10 min role which included 8 min of songs which made no sense whatsoever. Amir Khan, the main star who is known as Firangi in the movie was pretty good throughout. But how can we ignore the biggest of them all, Big B plays the role of a warrior who leads a group towards independence through violence and he does that well. Looking at his age and the role he played at this age, he surely is a superstar. The most under rated star from this movie was Fatima Shaikh who plays the princess who wins her kingdom back. She proved herself again after Dangal. A rebellious character suits her personality. I would not recommend the movie as a must watch.

I would rate it 2.5/5 where it gets a 0.5 extra because of Fatima Sheikh’s amazing performance.

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