Imagine a man with so much money that he runs out of places to hide it. What if he opened 5 banks on the same street and still ran out of places? Or what if he dug the ground outside his yard and found a bag already buried deep inside. Or what would a person do if he earned so much money that he didn’t know how to spend? If the words based on a true story didn’t pop up at the beginning, most people would think it’s a fictional story. But life is crazier than fiction sometimes. And so was the life of Barry Seal. And so is American Made.

To those of us who have seen Narcos and other documentaries on Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria‘s (that’s a handful for a name) life might know how he used to smuggle drugs from Medellin to Miami. A man named Barry Seal worked for him smuggling pounds of cocaine on his air crafts.

This movie is about that man. Yes, Pablo Escobar’s smuggler. Barry Seal, an American airline pilot who started working for the IAC gathering Intel for the government and earning a few extra bucks($2000 per kg of cocaine) by working for Pablo Escobar.

Tom Cruise redeems himself after the disaster that The Mummy was. Using his charm and comedic timing he steals the show. Playing the role of a Pilot, Tom Cruise flew all the air crafts in the movies by himself owing to his commercial license for multiple engine air crafts(Fun Facts). Which interestingly enough, he got along with the director of the movie; Doug Limon who has also directed Tom (yea, Tom and I are on a first name basis) in Edge of Tomorrow. And also in the forthcoming sequel/prequel- Live Die Repeat.

The style of the film is very different from what we are used to see in movies. It definitely has the 80s feel to it, along with which we get a mockumentary style directive which adds loads of humor and insight. From the Universal logo in the beginning till the end credits, you will have a delightful time.

Regarding the technicality of the scenes, the camera angles are very abstract and fun. The music adds a spice to the narrative as one amazing scenes transcends into another.

The movie had the audience including my friend and I rolling in our seats with laughter. As we saw this real to reel life incidents on the big screen. This movie is so much fun that you won’t be able to keep your laughter inside as this dark comedy uses situational comedic quips and mockumentary as its weapon.

From a commercial pilot to an undercover CIA agent. To smuggling for Pablo Escobar. To having a net worth of around $5,000,000,000. (5 Billion for the lazy readers). To getting arrested by the CIA, FBI, THE STATE POLICE, THE DEA, THE ATF all at the same time aren’t something that are humanly possible to happen to a single person. Being acquitted of smuggling to being called to the White House as a National hero by the POTUS.

I would like to recommend you guys to watch it in the theaters. You won’t get the same feel watching it on a 1080p YIFY torrent on a laptop or a smartphone.


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