TV’s Favourite Independent President is back!

Designated Survivor seemed done for good back in May 2018 when ABC announced its cancellation after two seasons. Rumours of a rescue amounted to nothing for months, and fans had every reason to give up hope up until the official renewal order came down from Netflix in September 2018. The new season comes with a new platform, a new set of challenges for Tom Kirkman and a way new, “edgier” style, now that it’s a Netflix show.

Aquaman Review

After waiting for more than a year, DC has finally released a superhero movie, after the controversies surrounding Justice League. There are many clichés of an origin story in Aquaman as well, some good some bad. The movie starts off slowly and takes its time to pick up the pace. Read more…

Raazi – A movie review

The time is 1971, tensions are running high between India and Pakistan. East Pakistan is on the brink of a war for Independence through Mukti Vahini; and here comes Sehmat (Alia Bhatt), daughter of an Indian spy, married off to Iqbal (Vicky Kaushal), a high ranking Pakistani military official, in order to continue spying for her country. And that’s how the story pivots. Can Sehmat, a kind-hearted, emphatic girl follow the footsteps of her father and actually be a hard-hitting spy with the tight reflexes or the stress of it all gets over her?