PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is one of the most popular games on mobile platforms right now. PUBG Mobile is the most downloaded mobile game of the last quarter. Everyone loves this game, but in my opinion, there are a lot of things that I think are unnecessarily wrong with this game that should be fixed as soon as possible. This article is specifically about PUBG Mobile and explaining everything wrong with it. PUBG on PC is going to take more than 10 pages and I am too lazy to explain it all.

PUBG Mobile is one of my favorite games available on mobile platform right now. I love to play it but sometimes I experience some weird bugs, glitches, and things that I can’t even think of. This game has a lot of bugs. They introduce new bugs in every new update and everyone is irritated by them. They break more and more things than they introduce.

So starting with the first one. The LAG. Each and every one of you must have noticed that if an enemy or squad is in the 100m to 200m radius around you the game starts to skip frames or you’ll get almost less than 10fps. I still don’t know whether it is a feature or a bug. And if there are 2 or 3 squads in the same radius this game is unplayable. What is the purpose of a battle royale game if it is already telling you the position of your opponents? As the 0.9.5 version is on the way the new competitive mode is coming. If I already know where my enemies are I can easily outplay them every single time.

Well, every game has some weird kind of glitches. Trust me, in PUBG Mobile you can literally spot enemies hiding inside the houses without any hacks. If someone is hiding close to a wall you can see his gun barrel. If you have attached a suppressor to your gun and you are close to a wall the spotting is way easier because someone can see the whole suppressor plus a smaller portion of your gun barrel. And the best part about this glitch is (just a possible scenario) if you knocked a guy out and if he is close to a wall, and you can see his head or say a foot and you took a shot on him it will inflict damage through the wall.

I’m not sure about this one whether it is a bug or a server issue. This only happens in Miramar or Erangel. I have never experienced this in Sanhok. After landing in less than 5 minutes ping gets higher and touches to almost 900+ and after around 45 seconds the ping is back to normal. Hacienda del Patrón(Miramar) and Novorepnoye(Erangel) these two are my favorite locations and I love to land on these locations every time but if I am in a fight and the ping reaches to 900 again and I get knocked or my opponent gets knocked or killed because of this issue who are we to blame in this situation. When my squad and I were pushing to conqueror tier it happened to us a lot and because of that in a few matches, we got -50, -44, – 46, and so on. Recovering these points will waste an entire day and on the next day, we are back to square one.

Vehicles are important parts of maps like Miramar and Erangel. On a number of occasions, The UAZ or Dacia does not reach the maximum speed. The speed fluctuates from 100kmph-130kmph. Almost in every match, there are 3-4 vehicles that have the same issue and to fix them you need to punch the vehicle (First I thought it was stupid but after trying it, it actually worked :P). Sometimes the Buggy drifts. I have died a lot of times because of this and I am sure this has happened to many of you too. The trick is to use boost till maximum speed and then stop the boost it really helps in reducing the drift.

AKM is one of the most powerful assault rifles with hard to control recoil. Unfortunately, before Halloween update, AKM was found with a magazine of 30 bullets or 60 bullets including 30 inside the gun but after this update sometimes I’m just able to find a gun loaded with a magazine of 30 bullets. In starting fight situations a lot of times I was out of ammo and died because of it. For a gun like AKM which has almost uncontrollable recoil and lesser ammo, it is impossible to win the starting fights. I am not sure whether it’s a bug or PUBG is trying to do something different while considering the competitive mode in the next update. I hope this thing will get fixed soon.

Last but not the least Ranking system in PUBG mobile. Well, some of you play this game on an emulator and some of you play it on your phones or iPads. When it comes down to ranking system emulator and phone players have the same ranking system. I think everyone wants this to separate for phone users as well as emulator users because mouse and keyboard will always give you that extra mobility and additional advantage over mobile users. Maybe a few of you are using claw controls but I’m one of them who prefers to use my hands instead of any controller.

Because everyone is competing so hard to be in the top 500 players on the server. As you can see in the screenshot I got the conqueror at 5644 total rating points. To reach Ace you need 4200 rating points but after that, I had to earn additional 1400+ points to get in conqueror tier. As this season is ending within less than 24 hours it’ll probably be going to touch 5800 rating points. It is impossible to get 5800+ for a mobile user. I really wish the mobile ranking and emulator ranking would be different from season 4. Top 4-5 Players are definitely hackers or they are using a different trick to getting kills. Few players have a KD (Kill to Death ratio) of almost 150+. Like they are hacking right in front of your face but still, they are not getting banned. I hope they get banned soon and a legit player will be there to rule these servers.

I think I covered all the possible things that I’ve experienced while playing. Dear PUBG Mobile developers please fix these issues because this game is getting new users day by day and instead of introducing new skins and clothing accessories please try to fix the things you screwed up. This game has the caliber to change the mobile gaming industry into something else but if few of these things don’t get fixed then it will be more problematic and you’re going to lose a lot of users. After suffering this much we just started to call this as BugG.

P.S. I am back after a long time. I will try to post more articles in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned for that. I hope you liked this article. If you have any suggestions let me know in the comments below.


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