The Outline

Death Note is a story of an average nerdy guy who finds a book which can be used to kill people by writing their name. Ever since the movie was announced, it was obvious that it will be compared to the manga and the anime.

The Cast

Nat Wolff stars as Light Turner(Yagami), Margaret Qualley plays Mia(Misa Amane) and Ryuk is voiced by William Dafoe. Lakeith Stanfield previously seen in getting Out portrays L. Looking at the run-time and the time has given developing characters(which was nil), William and Lakeith are probably the best things about this movie.

The Everything Else

The plot is clearly different as the writers have tried to bring in their own ideas into the movie. This works on some levels and fails miserably too, the latter more evident than the prior. The movie isn’t sure of what it’s trying to be. The script is completely rushed as character development and plot points are glossed over. The movie is gory (which becomes pretty evident in the first 10 minutes itself). It tries to indulge us but the quick cuts and the romantic music zaps us out of the story completely.

The first half is very dull but the second half, however, is an improvement over it. There are some twists and turns in the story which will blow the minds of a few(who haven’t seen the anime or read the manga). They give us a version that could have been more relatable to the general audience, but in doing so they fail to give us a movie that doesn’t stay true to its source.

The action and the set pieces look great and visually the film looks clean. The music is very unique. As it takes this crime thriller and transforms it into a romantic music video(Sarcasm Intended). The suspense and thrill which the music bought to the anime become a joke by the time end credits start rolling. It could have been way better if it was released as a mini-series. Because such a great talent on and off the screen feels wasted.

The Honest Verdict

I am fairly disappointed by the movie, mainly because Death Note is one of my favorite anime of all time(Dragon Ball Z doesn’t count) and Netflix just shat all over it. If I had a Death Note, I would not flinch even for a second before writing the names of the writers. Although, if you have never seen the anime or read the manga, maybe you will have a different opinion. I suggest you give it a try. Let us know how you felt about it, as a fresh audience. What did you think, is this version of Death Note good or was the original better?


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