Every amateur photographer starts with a small point to shoot or mobile camera and climbs his/her way up to some expensive cameras. But does this mean expensive cameras give you better results? Let’s find out in this short article.

Being a photographer, I would say the camera does make a difference but not as much as it is hyped. It might affect about 10%-20% in the end result, but the skills matter more than anything. Camera segments can be divided into three parts.

  • Point and Shoot

Point and shoot are basic cameras. These are dedicated cameras and alternative to a phone camera. Consisting of a small sensor, these cameras mainly have a digital screen or a digital viewfinder. These cameras, as the name suggests, are automatic and can be used easily by anyone with less or no knowledge of photography. Lacking the manual mode, this camera is good for families

These cameras can cost anywhere from Rs.1000-Rs.18000 depending on what model you would like to use. A decent quality camera can cost you about Rs.10000 approx. While searching for what you exactly want, you need to know your requirements. These cameras are easy to use and carry which can be your main motive. Having a dedicated battery for a camera is always better than draining your phone battery.

The biggest problem people face is that the go for the number of megapixels rather than other features. But Megapixels has a small role to play in this game. You can read all about it in my previous article. In this segment, the sweet spot is about 12 to 16 megapixels. This will give you good results.

  • Semi-Professional

This segment is basically bringing both DSLR and Point and shoot segments together. These cameras have manual modes just like the DSLR but does all the work digitally. It also has a digital display and a digital viewfinder and also a big lens for an optical zoom. This does not let the camera degrade the quality of the photo even if you zoom in on the subject. It lets you set all the features like manual mode in DSLR.

These cameras cost anywhere from Rs.14000 to Rs.24000 depending on the company and the model. The best models we suggest is Canon HS50. These cameras are good for people who would like to learn photography and its basic rules and training. This segment is pocket-friendly who want to discover their passion for photography.

  • DSLR(Professional)

DSLR is the biggest segment in photography. Here you have all the customization of focal length as the lens are different for every user. Read all about the lens in our next article. The main camera is known as the body. We will be discussing the body today. Here the companies of the model matter a lot. Mainly we focus on two main companies: Nikon and Cannon.

For our users who are into portrait photography prefer Nikon. Nikon gives a good tonal feature for such situations. Artificial light works perfectly with Nikon. Canon, on the other hand, is used by landscape photographers. It gives true colors which are necessary for nature.

Even this has three more segments.

  • Entry level

This segment has the DSLR entry level cameras starting from about Rs.25000 and can go up to Rs.50000 just for the body. Both Canon and Nikon have these segments pretty covered. Budget-friendly cameras are preferred by many. Here we recommend Canon 1300D . It serves the purpose. If you can extend your budget for above Rs.30000, you can go for Canon 800D and Nikon D5100. This segment has a small sensor which is called a cropped sensor. This sensor is small in size but bigger than the normal point and shoot.

DSLR is mostly for the manual mode which helps with control over the photos. If you don’t want to deal with all the manual work, you would want to opt out of having this segment which would just be waste of money.

  • Full frame

This segment is mostly preferred by many photographers. It starts at about Rs.50000 and can cost about Rs.150000. it might seem a lot but this is not the highest a camera can cost. These cameras have a full frame sensor which is great sensors. These cameras give a great quality and deliver for the price.

People can opt for Canon 60D and Nikon D60. Great cameras for the cost. These cameras have all the same main features but can vary in the additional features like touch screen and Wi-Fi. Opting for this segment is good for the people who know the use of manual controls and want to pursue photography as a profession.

  • Extra features

This is one of the segments of cameras that are used by media groups and professional fashion photographers. These cameras are high end and do not come into a portable segment. These cameras can cost anywhere from Rs.150000 to Rs.5000000.

This segment has three main companies that compete with each other. Nikon has their best models D5 and D1 as the best cameras in their line. Canon competes on the same level with their 5D Mark 4 and 1Dx. Here one of the best company in camera market comes into the picture. Hasselblad has been making the premium cameras for ages. Their cameras start at a cost of Rs1500000 and can range to Rs.5000000. Hasselblad gives a high performance and perfect imaging with its full-frame sensor.

At the end we suggest you buy the camera with your preference and requirements. These are the cameras we suggest and we would love to hear any suggestions from you.

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