The life of Jesus can be summed into 3 words. Birth. Death. Resurrection. Zack Snyder has always said that he planned a 3 movie arc for Superman. Man of Steel was a story about Clarke Kent accepting his powers and becoming a hero(The Birth). Batman V Superman a story of how the presence of a literal God can be a sign of hope for some and of terror for others (The Death of Superman AKA crucifixion). Justice League a story of Superman coming back to life. A sign of hope (or car keys) and restoration of faith for humanity (The resurrection). Now, you may think I may be crazy for comparing a comic book character to a God. But this foreshadowing has been present since Man of Steel. Carrying forward to BVS, where Superman literally is shown as a symbol of hope (Refer the scene @44 mins where he saves people from a fire). And in this movie, with very clear display of foreshadowing at the very beginning. And trust me, finding these traits and layers to movies is what makes me want to watch them again and again.

I was pretty upset when I heard that the runtime for this movie was limited to just under a 120 minutes(previously which was considered to be closer to 150). Being skeptic of how they were going to pull it off. I mean, with an ensemble of 6 superheroes. The movie had to introduce new characters, introduce the villain, explain his motivations, make the plot cohesive, not make it too dark, not make it feel rushed and also leave us wanting more. Out of all these Justice League ticks most of the boxes.

From the first scene till the very very very end( yea, the end credits) there is not a single dull moment. I guess you have to make it worth it, when there is a lot of competition around you. We get to learn more about Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg. It was interesting for me seeing Cyborg, because Superheroes have  always been considered as humans with gifts or as Gods. But here we have a man who doesn’t know what he is, a human, a robot or even worse; an abomination. Seeing him go through his identity crisis makes me want to see more of him and his backstory and how they take it from where they left off here. There were a lot of funny moments in this one compared to BVS which are organic. It’s also very difficult to figure out which scene is Snyder’s of Whedon’s.

In the latter half of the film, it begins to feel like the story is deviating from the plot. As soon as this thought ran through my mind. They did something astonishing and brilliant which I didn’t really expect to happen. It was a huge nerdgasm(Trust me, we tried to get that domain name) for me and am sure will be for millions of people. Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller(this man was hilarious), Ray Fisher and Jason Mamoa are all amazing in their roles. The thing which I was curious to find out was how they were going to handle the Superman arc and how big will the role of Henry Cavill be. Let’s just say, the outcome is really amazing, and this is the superman everyone has always wanted.

Only if the movie was not so choppy with the editing (which was pretty bad) and the runtime ( which didn’t do justice (see what I did there) to the characters and the story) wasn’t this short. I would have called it a perfect movie. But sadly, this isn’t. And it can’t be blamed on Zack Snyder or Joss Whedon or that Superman Mustache.

Although I am very satisfied with the outcome. Though I feel like it could have been better in a few ways, as mentioned above. I am going to see this again tomorrow and probably once more after a few days. It certainly isn’t a one time watch and I hope it gets better with a second viewing.


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